Founder and Director

Julien discovered Kenya in 2010. He stayed there for a month with a local family. He is then fascinated by the culture and amazed by the runners and the way they train.


The idea of ​​making a living there comes to his mind but he is quickly overtaken by the reality which is then to finish his studies.


A few years later, after two Bachelors in his pocket (in economics and sports sciences), Julien became a professional runner (European Team Half-Marathon Champion in 2016).

Injured at Achilles tendons, he decides to return to Kenya at the end of 2017 to try to recover from his injuries. after sustained rehabilitation with doctors and physiotherapists.


He meets Lavina who will become his wife two years later. In 2018, he returned to Switzerland to undergo surgery on the two Achilles tendons that still make him suffer. He returns to Kenya as soon as the plasters removed. There followed a long period of convalescence during which Julien and Lavina went to meet the community and decided to act.

In April 2019, they create the association Simba for Kids and the adventure begins. Since then, Julien and Lavina have devoted themselves at 100% to the implementation of projects and the development of the association.