Simba for Kids is a Swiss association founded in April 2019. It is based in Geneva and operates in Kenya in the region of Elgeyo Marakwet. It is a non profit organisation which is independent, apolitical and recognized as being of public utility.

The association acts for a fairer world where each child can have access to education, enough to eat, can prosper and pursue their dreams.

Simba for Kids is a bridge between people who wish to donate their time or money and families who live in precarious conditions and are unable to offer decent living conditions to their children.

The association's vision is a more egalitarian world, where sharing, mutual aid and solidarity are encouraged by society and where each person can achieve their dreams.




Simba for Kids identifies families living below poverty line and develops solutions which allow them to start an activity generating a recurring income .

The association ensures that every child in the region goes to school by funding school fees and uniforms for those who need support.

Simba for Kids improves the educational conditions in schools in the region which lack school infrastructure or materials .

The association aims to build several educational centers, such as the Children Center , where children will have the opportunity to engage in sports and intellectual activities after school as well as during weekends and holidays.

These activities will be led by local counsellors, as well as by volunteers from various countries.


Julien and Lavina discovered Kapsio Primary School in February 2019 during a walk in Iten. Surprised and saddened by the poor state of the school, the lack of

infrastructure and the precariousness of families in the region, they decided to act . The hospitality of the children and the kindness of the teachers only strengthened their desire to help.

The children center project took shape following discussions with the local famillies as well as Julien and Lavina's European contacts who encouraged and supported them.

The association was created in April 2019 and the founders acquired a plot of 3000m2 which will become the first Simba for Kids Children Center.



JULY 2019

Presentation and launch of the association, as well as its projects in the Iten region


After 8 months of existence, an overview of projects to improve children's education and family well-being

Become Ambassador


JUNE 2020

Simba for Kids' support for the population facing the COVID-19 crisis
Construction in progress of the Children Center
Website launch

JULY 2019

Presentation and launch of the association, as well as its projects in the Iten region



"Every day, I have the chance to be the witness of the happiness and hope brought to many families in Iten by Simba for Kids' projects.

Together, let's give each child the chance to pursue their dream. "

Julien Lyon